BSc in Interior Design in Delhi, East Delhi


BSc in Interior Design in Delhi

Explore the skills that transform a space into an experience or emotion. With the constantly evolving design challenges, BSc interior design course allows an individual to originate unique and  meaningful ideas and convert them into an environment that positively impacts the end user’s experience. If the art of designing interests you, Bsc in interior design in Delhi is the perfect course for you.


At Unik careers, learn about the core values of designing. Think critically, know when to take risks and also know about project- based learning. An interior design degree will provide you with in-depth knowledge of all the technologies related to designing. The course will prepare you to build outstanding designs, be it in domestic, retail or commercial settings. From materials to layouts, gain a deep understanding of each aspect to do your job the best. 


Over the semesters, learn how to make the best use of your technological abilities to create aesthetic spaces. From advanced labs and equipment to student workshops, learn the practical skills that are relevant in the industry. This degree for interior designing focuses especially on digital technology and innovation. With Unik careers, kickstart your career in designing and learn the necessary skills to get started in the industry.


Modules are carefully crafted keeping in mind the ever-changing technologies and increasing competition.

  • First Year

Understand the elements and fundamentals of design. Get the basics right first before mastering advanced technologies. With Practical knowledge of drafting interior designs, measured drawings and other compositions, know the flow of the design process by opting for graduation in interior designing. Make conceptual drawings, mood boards and design studios with space planning, detailed technical drawings and perform budgeting as well.

  • Second Year

Knowing the history of art and interior design is a critical aspect of an interior design degree. From housekeeping and management, interior as well as exterior treatments, and environmental control in interiors and landscape to the basics of architecture, learn about every component in detail. Perform practical on advanced drafting, complex interior space planning and building services. Features like duct systems and elevator technology are also vital aspects of this course.

  • Third Year

Get several internship and placement opportunities by enrolling in the best college for interior design in Delhi. Complete the thesis project under the guidance of the best professors. Know about professional practice and estimation before stepping into the real world. Learn how to prepare bills, project detailing and execution and also professionally make tenders and quotations. Gain knowledge about the code and conduct of interior designers and the rules that they follow.

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Career Opportunities

If you are interested in designing and the art of innovation, a bachelor in interior design in east Delhi will open several doors for you. Unik careers helps you in keeping the artist within you alive but still know how to deal with clients. Unik Careers gives you opportunity to work with the best architecture and interior firms in the industry. From being an interior and spatial designer, interior decorator, event designer, and furniture designer to an interior stylist, explore numerous possibilities.


Unik Careers provides the best facilities to the students so they can thrive in what they do. For all the students who wish to pursue a career in interior designing, this is the perfect place for you. Our remarkable curriculum combined with experienced faculty and well-equipped labs enable the students to achieve the highest degree of knowledge.

Classroom Projects

The real-world projects give the students a deeper insight into how things function in the industry. Get to know every little detail about the processes involved. Creating projects requires research, proficiency and the knowledge of the right technologies. All of this eventually helps in the growth of the students.

Functional Abilities

Apart from design skills, there are other things like presentation and software skills that matter. Our curriculum emphasizes computer-aided designing and has special programs to help develop these skills in the students.

Final Words

Interior design is one of the fastest-growing industries. With incredible career prospects and growth, one can pursue BSc in interior design in Delhi to open remarkable pathways. Learn deeply about the theoretical aspects and how to use them practically in the real world. Your dream job can now become a reality with us!

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We also provide MSc in Interior Design & Diploma Course.