BFA Course in Delhi & Bachelor of Fine Art Degree

BFA Course in Delhi

BFA Course in Delhi

Are you an arts aspirant who wishes to Join Best BFA Course in Delhi? If yes, then you are at the right destination. Unik Careers provide a strong foundation to pursue Bachelor of Fine Art in Delhi affiliated by Best BFA College in Delhi.


Bachelor of Fine Arts is an undergraduate program of four years, depending on the type of specialization. The course consists of visual, performing and fine arts.  Unik careers stands out as the best college for fine arts in Delhi. After graduation, students can either get placement opportunities or even opt for MFA. If you have creative skills then this course will be a great start to your career.

Who should pursue best BFA in delhi ?

Paintings, pottery making, writing, media and entertainment are a few topics that BFA covers. If unconventional and new-age courses interest you and you want to make a career of it, you can opt for BFA.


Unik careers will help you in pursuing a career of your choice. After completing the Bachelor of Fine Arts, the career opportunities are diverse. From becoming an art director to a photographer, be anything you want. The best thing about this course is that there is a lot of earning potential in every sector.


If you possess the right skill set, you can make a tremendous career in Arts. Moreover, the flexibility of working for a top firm or setting up your business is another perk of this degree. You can always count on Unik Careers to pursue a BFA course in Delhi.

BFA Course in Delhi

Subjects in BFA ?

In this course, students get familiar with portrait painting, aesthetics, illustration, history and appreciation art, full-figure painting, poster design, composition painting and press advertisement. In the second year, they get detailed knowledge of the specialization courses, composition, environmental education, ceramics, dimensional and wood carving and magazine advertisement.


By the fourth year, students get introduced to their chosen course in-depth and know about life, the study, printmaking, Indian aesthetics and more. All in all, bachelors of fine arts in Delhi, is one the most lucrative career options and you can start your BFA journey with Unik Careers.

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Skills required for BFA ?

Creativity is one of the most important skills required by aspirants who wish to pursue a BFA course in Delhi. Drawing skills, knowledge of art materials and how to use them are significant. You should have presentation skills and the art of drawing realistic objects. Be aware of the color theory and which techniques are used in them. Communication and interpersonal skills are a must in this aspect.

Career and Jobs after Fine Art Course?

Fine arts offers a wide array of career opportunities. Apart from salary, fame is another aspect of this degree. If you want a name in society and recognition for your work, this is the best course for you. You can go into fashion, photography, direction or even television.

Explore your talents while doing a BFA course in Delhi and polish your skills. Students can apply for positions in magazines, publishing, newspapers and advertising agencies. Some students even go into freelancing and start selling their art for great prices. Whereas some open their own art galleries and create events. 

Multimedia programmer, art therapist, production artist, set designer, furniture designer, animator, 3D artist and editor are some career pathways after you complete your BFA course. The main employment areas in a BFA course are advertising companies, theatres, art studios, fashion houses, sculpture and animation.

If you have the right knowledge and a good skill set, you can get attractive salary packages. As you get more experience, you will gain more recognition and money in the industry. Overall, the scope of degree of fine arts in Delhi is quite amazing for the students. 

Final Word ?

This was all you needed to know about BFA in Delhi. Unik careers will help you every step of the way so you can kickstart your career in the arts industry. From post-graduation to pursuing a job in the top firms, you have several options after doing BFA.